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Potty Break

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POTTY BREAK One-Day Live Event

Watch anytime August 15th and join the Q&A @ 4PM PT / 7PM ET

Sōl Cinema Cafe present: 'POTTY BREAK' Virtual Sneak Preview Screenings + Q&A w/ director Toni Thai Sterrett, cast and surprise celebrity guests. See all six episodes then talk to director, series cast and more.

ABOUT THE POTTY BREAK SERIES: On the surface, Potty Break looks like the adventures of two "loose" party girls and their escapades in the bathroom at their favorite nightclub. Beneath the surface, you have two broken women who struggle to be OK and are not dealing with their pain in a healthy way. Women who are typically discarded because of their appearance or lifestyle. Each episode has a drop of social commentary and explores topics that are usually hard to digest such as colorism, identity crisis and sexuality through the eyes of two women conversing in a bathroom in a humorous way. The two women who haven't quite acquired the wisdom that comes with age, similar to Sex In The City. Season 1 serves as a "slice of life" look into the complicated lives of these two aging party girls. Like Insecure, it's a comedy, but deeper.

Imagine I LOVE LUCY, set in Harlem. A Black American and a Black Brit who are in "survival mode".


Series premiere. Toni rejoins her best friend Donna on the club scene as a remedy to a bad breakup. Depressed and dejected, Donna tries to cheer Toni up. While Donna attempts to minimize Toni’s pain because of his own personal struggles.

Robert Glasper guest stars as The Hawk. His presence as a drunk, horny and newly celibate Toni feeling compromised while Donna, desperately tries to get booed up with a jerk.

An STD scare is afoot because... promiscuity. But how would a “real friend” show up?

Donna tries her best to hold it together while realizing that being cougar has its downfalls.

Santana Benitez guest stars as Kandi Kream Kane, a woke porn star who barges into the bathroom and gives Toni a run for her money.

Two very young party girls push their way into the restroom with Donna and Toni. Things take an ugly turn that threatens the friendship between Donna and Toni.

About The Filmmaker Toni Thai Sterrett

Projects, Presumed, the film that propelled Ava DuVernay to name Toni, Vibe's Magazine's "Next Female Filmmaker". Toni just completed a web-series which she wrote/directed/produced and starred in called "Potty Break" set to be re-launch in August 2020. Next, Toni has wrote and is directing a short film titled, "Isn't It?!" It's about a Black woman struggling with being in the Intersection of being both Black and a Woman. Through her production company, Hamilton & 5th, Toni continues to produce and direct independent content as well as directing commercial and branded content work for Brands such as Pantene, Allergan and Kmart. She's also a skilled portrait and lifestyle photographer and has photographed creatives such as Taraji P. Henson, Tiffany Haddish, Rob Lowe and Ilana Glazer. She takes great pride in bringing out the best in her subjects. Her motto is "I shoot people like I love them."