Thee Debauchery Ball

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Thee Debauchery Ball

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Directed by David Weathersby, 71 min., USA

Thee Debauchery Ball documentary celebrates Chicago’s large and thriving Afrocentric house music scene. Awarded Best Film at the Southside Chicago Film Festival, Thee Debauchery Ball tells the story of a bi-annual event that pays reverence to roots of house music culture, while expanding the scope and appreciation with innovative and unprecedented fetish and BDSM-themed, and body-positive parties within private, protected, spaces in the Black community.

*72 hours to watch from time of purchase.

14 Days of Virtual After Parties!

When launched, this celebrated film was paired with the #BeDebaucherous event, 14 days of virtual after parties featuring almost 30 of the hottest house music DJ’s from around the globe. The #BeDebaucherous parties ran for 14 consecutive days.